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How To Text Men With Rachel Russo

Sometimes, communication between men and women can be tricky. There are a lot of common issues with texting in particular! EZ Dating Coach, Mike, experienced this first hand. He prefers to use texting solely for logistics and his girlfriend misunderstood his short texts as a lack of interest in her. A lot of other people struggle with these issues so Mike was super pumped to talk about texting with his favorite match maker, Rachel Russo. Her insights on texting are really eye opening! She gave some awesome tips to help combat common texting problems between men and women:

First, Rachel teaches us that men process and use less words on a daily basis than women do. If you text a man a long paragraph, it can overwhelm him. How can you make sure that you don't send a text that is just too much? You can shorten and edit your text messages to use as little words as possible. Texting men is all about quality vs. quantity! Your man might not want to have full conversations via text. He most likely prefers texts that are short and to the point.

Next, Rachel talked about the different type of energies that men and women possess. Women with more of a feminine energy like it when the man pursues and chases them and they like following his lead. In these cases, the man should be the one to text the women first. Women with more of a masculine energy are probably very proactive and don't care who texts who first. These types of women should go ahead and text him first! Men with a feminine energy like it when the women texts them first and men with a masculine energy who like the chase might be turned off if a woman texts him too much. So, ask yourself what type of energy you and your man have and go from there.

Rachel went on to tell us about the biggest mistakes that a women can make when texting men, specifically alpha males. In addition to texting a lengthy message, initiating more contact or more dates can also be a bit of a turnoff. You have to let him come to you and pursue you. Also, texting him all the time and sending a lot of photos and videos can make you look overeager. If your man is an alpha male, let him take the lead and keep your messages short and sweet.

Next, they discussed the topic of texting photos to a man. If a man asks you for photos and you aren't comfortable sending th