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How To Be Irresistible

There are some qualities that men find irresistible in women. EZ Dating Coach, Mike, broke down these qualities in 2 of my videos. You'll be surprised at just how easy it is to be irresistible!

In the first video, Mike shares a personal story about a fun beach date that he went on. It was easy and affordable and they really enjoyed getting to know each other. At the end of the night, his date said something that made her truly IRRESISTIBLE! She told him that it was the best date that she had ever been on. He was blown away! This wonderful complement showed him that he could make her happy by planning something easy. Men want women who they can make happy easily. The fear that they won't be able to make a woman happy for the rest of her life is actually what holds a lot of men back from making a commitment.

How can you utilize this information to help make you irresistible? It's easy! Just show your man a lot of appreciation. Get excited about the things that you do together and let him know what a wonderful time you are having. He will love feeling appreciated and special and he will love that he made you happy.

In the next video, Mike shared 2 more qualities that men find irresistible. First, you need to make a man feel needed. Today, women are completely self-sufficient. This is wonderful and absolutely how it should be but it leaves men feeling a little unneeded. This explains why you see a lot of men dating women who don't have their act together. How can successful women make a man feel needed? It's simple! Ask him to help you with something. Even a tiny request can have a big impact.

Once he helps you with something, thank him and make him feel appreciated. Your praise and kind words will make him feel good, not just because they are a reward for a job well done, but also because it is another example of how easy it is to make you happy. Lay it on thick and be over the top with your appreciation! It will make his day and it will make you irresistible!

Next time your man takes you on a date, be sure to compliment the activity, what you are eating, or the location of the date. Next, make him feel needed and appreciated. Everyone wants to be around someone who makes them feel good. Do these things for your man and BOOM! You are irresistible!

Wondering if you would be a good fit for coaching with EZ Dating Coach? Book A complimentary 15 minute strategy session HERE and find out. Let's get you a high quality man that will be yours forever.

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