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How To Find The Right Guy, Get Him To Commit, and Be In a Healthy Happy Relationship

After following Love Breakthrough Specialists, Johnny and Lara Fernandez, for years, EZ Dating Coach, Mike, was ecstatic when he got the chance to sit down and talk with them. He learned a lot in their Q&A session and he was super excited to pass the knowledge along to you! Here is a paraphrased summary of their insightful discussion:

Q) How can you can tell if your guy is the right guy for you?

A) There are several ways to tell if you're dating Mr. Right:

  1. He doesn't disappear on you. He is present and interested in creating a meaningful relationship with a future. Keep in mind, disappearing is different from seeking alone time. We're talking about completely ghosting you, here!

  2. He does what he says he's going to do. When he makes plans and he says that he is going to do something, he always follows through.

  3. You values are in alignment. It is clear that you both want and cherish the same things.

  4. He treats people with respect. He isn't just kind to people that he can get something from, he is kind to everyone.

  5. You realize that he isn't perfect, just like you aren't perfect, but he is perfect for you. Everyone has quirks and everyone makes mistakes now and then. You accept each other and love each other unconditionally, no matter what.

Q) How can you tell the difference between a man disappearing and a man just needing some alone time?

A) There is a big difference between a man disappearing without a trace and a man needing time alone. Men need to have alone time to decompress and relax. This is especially important when they are stressed out or overwhelmed. Spending time in their man cave or out with friends will increase their testosterone. This is good for your man as well as your relationship.

Q) How can women can get a guy to commit?

A) The trick is not to "get him to commit". You shouldn't be forceful or manipulative in any way. You have to activate your man's masculinity by showing him that you are a prize in the relationship. Show him how wonderful it would be if you were in a committed relationship and then you can both move forward toward that goal. You always want to see progress in the relationship. You should both feel excited to be with each other and you should both feel loved and cherished by each other. You have to think about how you feel when you're together right now. Look to the future but don't get caught up in it so much that you can't appreciate the present.

Q) What is the sexiest quality that a woman can have?

A) There are many qualities that men find sexy. There are certain things in particular that really draw a man to a woman:

  1. Confidence. Men love when a woman is confidant. You know that a man is right for you if he treats you like a prize, right... well, you have to treat yourself like you are a prize, too! When you treat yourself, you produce oxytocin, lifting your mood. Some oxytocin producing activates (OPAs) are going out with your girlfriends, eating a little organic dark chocolate, and being out in nature. You have to invest time, energy, and resources in yourself. This goes beyond treating yourself to manicures and shopping. Love yourself and learn about yourself. You need to become your own soulmate first then you can find your soulmate in the world.

  2. Compassion. There is nothing more magnetic than kindness. People want to be around people who make them feel good. This compassion needs to extend toward yourself. You have to be kind to yourself and never talk negatively about yourself or others.

Q) What is the fastest way to go from single to being in a committed relationship?

A) In other areas of life, such as fitness and business, we feel comfortable asking for help and guidance. You see that someone seems to have it all figured out and you reach out to them for advice. The same thing goes for relationships! Turn to people who are in happy relationships and ask their advice and find a dating coach who can help guide you.

Mike had a wonderful time talking with Johnny and Lara. It is so great to share knowledge and learn from others in this field. Now get out there and find Mr. Right!

Wondering if you would be a good fit for coaching with EZ Dating Coach? Book A complimentary 15 minute strategy session HERE and find out. Let's get you a high quality man that will be yours forever.

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