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What To Text Him Back

Have you ever gotten a text from a guy but you just weren't sure how you should respond? Should it be short and sweet? Should you tell him how you feel about him? Should it be serious, sexy, upbeat, or funny? What on Earth should you say? Don't worry! I have some quick, easy, and helpful tips for you!

1) First of all, let him text you first. Most women enjoy having full conversations via text messages. Men usually stick to texting solely for logistics. That means that they prefer to use it to help them set up dates and times. A sweet text message asking him about his day might be more annoying than endearing. Plus, letting him text you first will make him feel like he is chasing you and men love that!

2) Mirror him. If he texts you a long paragraph, you respond with a long paragraph. If he writes you a short text, you respond with a short text. Let him take the lead and set the pace. Your mirroring him will make him feel comfortable and like you are on the same page.

3) If he texts you asking you out but you can't make it that day, text him another date and time that you are available. Remember to be specific! If you simply say that you would love to reschedule and he suggests another day that you aren't free, he will take that as 2 rejections and think that you aren't interested in him.

Keep these 3 tips in mind when texting your man. Now that you know how men like to text, you can make the most of your text messages together.

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