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What Men Really Want In Women

There are 3 things that men really want. These 3 things will make him feel important, valued, and happy. They will also make you irresistible to him!

So what are the 3 things that he really wants?

1) He wants to feel needed. In today's society, women are stronger and more independent than ever. They rely less on men and more on themselves to get things done. This has lead to a shift in the dynamics between men and women. Gone are the days when the men were the sole providers for the family. Women no longer rely on their men for financial stability. Women are also doing a lot more in terms of hands on projects at home. They can also hire professionals to help with moving or installing things in their home. This makes men feel like they aren't useful.

So, how can you make your man feel needed? It doesn't have to be anything big. A tiny request is all it takes! Asking him to help carry, open, or move something will make him feel strong and helpful. You can even simply ask for some advice. He will love that you are interested in his opinion and it will mean a lot to him knowing that he helped you. His help will not only benefit him, it will also take things off of your plate and help to alleviate some stress in your life.

2) He wants to feel appreciated. After your man helps you with something, show him that you are thankful for his help. Your kind words are a reward for a job well done, making him feel loved and valued. Everyone wants to feel important and everyone wants to feel like they matter. Show your man how much he means to you and how much you appreciate him by recognize and acknowledge his help.

3) He wants to feel accepted. We all have different and unique things about our personalities. These different traits and idiosyncrasies make us who we are. When you feel like someone accepts you just the way you are, you can be truly happy. Show your man that you love him for who he is. Accept him, quirks and all!