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How to Get and Keep a Guy Forever

EZ Dating Coach, Mike Goldstein, shared a story about his friend. She had been on a few dates with a guy and she felt like they were really hitting it off. She was worried because when she felt this way in the past, she was left feeling disappointed and depressed when they never made it past date 3 or 4. She really wanted this relationship to work.

Dating someone new can fill you with a mix of emotions. You're anxious and nervous and excited all at the same time. If you are like Mike's friend and you want the relationship to keep growing, there are a few simple steps that you can take. You gotta N.A.A.B him! Make him feel needed, appreciated, accepted, and set sexy boundaries.

Needed: Men are drawn to women that make them feel needed. Even the smallest of requests can have a large impact. For example, simply asking your man to grab the sugar for you when you are out for coffee will make him feel needed. Men love completing tasks and they love feeling important and helpful.

Appreciation: It is important to thank and praise your man. These kind words will make him feel good about himself. If your man brings you the sugar for your coffee, thank him and call him a gentleman. He will love that he did something to make you happy and your words of appreciation make him feel rewarded for a job well done.

Accepted: Everyone wants to feel accepted. Be open and understanding with your man. Accept him for who he is and don't try to change him. If a man feels like it's ok to be himself, he will feel comfortable and relaxed. We all have different hobbies, quirks, personality traits, and ways of doing things. We have to love and accept ourselves and we have to love and accept our partners.

Boundaries: It is important that we don't push ourselves or our partners to do anything that we aren't ready to do. Sometimes, women feel like they have to have sex with a guy to keep him interested in her. It is up to you to set your boundaries. Men who are looking for a relationship actually find boundaries to be very sexy. If the topic of sex arrives, simply let him know that you aren't ready to take things to that level but you would love to keep seeing each other. Let him know that you are really enjoying your time together and you are excited to get to know him better. Complimenting him won't only show him that you are interested in him, it will assure him that you are not rejecting him, you just aren't ready yet. If you become exclusive, then you will be ready to be intimate with him. Set your boundaries, compliment him, and give him the motivation to continue moving forward with your relationship.

There you have it! Now go on and N.A.A.B. your man!

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