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Are Men Really Turned Off By Women With Big Careers?

Last week I was sitting down with a client to create her online dating profile and we got to the section that said, "What are you doing with your life?"

The answer was Managing Director of an entire division, managing over 500 people. She asked me, "is it okay to put that there?" I said, "100%, yes!"

"But won't I scare men away?" She quickly retorted.

I replied, "I hope so! The man that is right for you will be impressed by your success, and be excited to learn more about you. The guy that is wrong for you, will be intimidated and instead of building you up and pushing you forward will compare his career to yours and feel inadequate."

You can craft an online dating profile that is a total people pleaser and you will receive more messages than everyone else. Or you can create a profile that truly depicts who you are and what you need in a partner and then receive messages from men that want you and are solid contenders for a lifelong partner.

I would suggest the latter because who has time to go on 2000 dates with men that can't handle your success and don't want you for you?

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