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You Are Debating Moving Clothes Into His Place But Is He Serious About You?

Hello Mike!

I met a guy five months ago whom I like very much. He's taken me on several dates and has cooked a nice dinner for me a couple of times. We would go out twice a week and I would spend the night at his place and go to work from there. All of a sudden, he started cancelling plans and making excuses which I sensed were a whole bunch of lies. I kept my cool and told him that I understand if something came up we can always meet later. Then he cancelled again, I told him understood. He would cancel and suggest to meet another day only to cancel again. When he cancelled for a third or fourth time I told him that.. "you obviously have some things you need to work out. Go ahead and do that. Good luck and hope I will be around when everything is resolved". He never responded. Since I liked him so much I ended up texting him the next day. He asked me to come over and I went (I also had to get my bra and undies from him).

When I got there I asked him for my bra and undies. He seemed reluctant to give them to me. He instead suggested we go grab some dinner. We ordered a take out. After dinner, I asked him from my bra and undies again. That's when he reluctantly went to his closest and give em to me. I then told him thanks for dinner and that I had to leave. He got mad claiming that I came to just use him for dinner. He went on to say that ever since he met me, he's been trying to impress me by cooking for me and taking me out on dates but, he hasn't seen me putting any effort towards him. He said that never once have I brought a bottle of wine, glasses and candles for a romantic evening with him. Never once have I cooked for him, or stop at the grocery store and get us food to cook together. He went on and on. I have paid for some fast food though before and I also paid tip at a restaurant one time. He was very happy and appreciative when I paid for the fast food. He tried to stop me, but I told him he always pay for us, so it was OK for me to pitch in.

After his speech, I told him I usually move so slow and I am not aggressive type girl. I told him I feel like I do not know anything about him yet after over four months and this causes me to have my guard up! I also reminded him that I had told him that I was going to take him out and treat him but he kept on cancelling. Long story short, I ended up not leaving that evening and spent the night at his house. We didn't have sex because I was on my period but gave him oral the next morning before I left for work. One thing I should mention, I always give him hickies and he never stops me, he actually likes it when I bite him and stuff! We talked for a long time and I told him I was going to try to spend like every other night at his place and I'm going to need a drawer space to put my necessities. He said he'll only believe it when he sees it! (I normally pack all my things and take them with me when I leave for work in the morning).

Keep in mind I had told him that I was enjoying spending time with him and that I was looking for an exclusive relationship with the right person. "His response was, he doesn't know but if we keep on hanging out maybe something will happen". So, I left it at that. But during the conversation, I also told him that I am not looking for a husband, but I