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How to Prevent Men From Disappearing Online

It is a story as old as time. You are bombarded by messages from men that say "hi", "you are sexy", or something even less appealing. However, finally, after sifting through countless messages you encounter a guy that may be promising. You strike up some good back and forth banter, have a bunch in common and then suddenly out of nowhere he disappears off the face of the earth. It leaves you wondering, "Did I do something wrong?"

The answer is maybe. Let me explain.


But first, by the end of this article I want you to fully understand the online dating experience for a man looking for a serious relationship.

First, man takes a bunch of time to write a profile and select photos. Next, he scours the site for a woman that first catches his eye and even more difficult has a profile that shows their lives would mesh well. (Similar interests and no deal breakers)

Now, he either writes a charming message or simply writes "hi".

Why do men looking for a relationship say "hi?"

  • Men have to send a lot of messages online in order to get one response

Men are tired of writing what they perceive as well crafted messages in order to just be rejected by not receiving a response. Thus, some men may simply say "hi" in order to see if you are interested and after they get a "hi" in return they may write something a little more sophisticated.

Thus, my advice is to not judge men strictly on their message, but on their message and their profile. A strong, well written profile and/or high match %, should compensate for a weak message. (Profile Pictures should simply be used as he is not disgusting, any more time spent on photos is a waste!)