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How to Know If Your New Guy is a Player?

Your love life is a catch 22. You want to date a man who is silky smooth in conversation, knows exactly when and how to touch you, and just oozes confidence. But you also want a man that isn't just looking for sex and is willing to commit to you and just you. Does this man actually exist?

The answer is yes, but he is hard to find. If you do find him, what are some signs that he is actually looking for love?

1. When you ask what he is looking for? He says "I want love and to share my life with someone special." - Believe it or not, most men do NOT lie when asked a straight forward question.

2. Talk of Future Plans Together

3. Introductions to Friends and Family

4. Scheduling Dates in Advance

5. Texting Daily

6. Phone Calls

7. Willing to Speak Everyday

8. Actively Setting Up Dates, no texting once per week to setup a booty call

If he wants you and only you, he is going to put in some effort. If he doesn't put in effort try asking the following: "You are an amazing man and I love spending time with you. You would make me the happiest woman in the world if you did ......."

If you try the phrase above and he doesn't deliver, it might be time to look for a new man.

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