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The Big Difference Between Physical Attraction and Chemistry

Looks are important when it comes to dating. They initially attract you to someone and make you want to learn more about them. But sometimes people mistake looks for chemistry, which is a mistake.

I have countless female clients tell me after a date that they felt no chemistry with the other person. When I ask them to describe the date, they’ll say the conversation flowed, they thought he was funny and they felt comfortable with him. But in the end, she was not physically attracted to him and doesn’t want to go on a second date.

In these situations, I urge my clients to decide whether or not the guy gets a second date based on a list we develop together (using this process) where they describe the qualities they want in a life partner.

More often than not, the guy who my client isn’t immediately physically attracted to passes the list test and my client winds up in a happy relationship with them.

There are two reasons I do this with clients:

1. Men that pursue you the right way are not easy to find

2. Physical Attraction Builds Over Time

The more you appreciate someone's positive emotional qualities, the more you will become physically attracted to them. That, in turn, also builds chemistry.

Bottom line is if a man has the emotional qualities you need in a life partner but doesn’t give you that initial physical spark, be patient. There is a good chance the chemistry could become electric as the emotional bond builds.


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