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3 Signs He's Not Interested In Commitment

It’s always tough when you’re serious about finding love, are dating someone you feel strongly about and then learn they’re not into you as much as you thought.

It’s upsetting. It’s discouraging. And when you get blindsided by the news, it’s downright depressing.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to me in 2014. THREE DIFFERENT TIMES! I did all the little things right—paid for the bills, held the doors, kept the conversations light and fun— and started imagining a potential future together. Then I found out the girl didn't feel the same way about me.

Whomp Whomp.

I was pretty crushed all three times. Looking back on it now, however, I realize if I paid more attention to the signs they were giving off, I would have realized they were not that into me.

Since I can't go back in time and help myself, I want to help you avoid heartbreak in your relationships. Here’s a list of three signs that signal he’s not that into you.

1. He Doesn't Call or Text within 48 hours of your date

When a man is really excited about dating you, he’s going to reach out within 1-3 days. If he only wants a booty call, you will hear from him between 4-7 days. Guys will hate me for giving away that secret. But it’s pretty much universally true.

2. No Introduct