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4 Ways To Successfully Flirt With Men Via Text

Flirting with men via text is no simple task. There’s a fine line between what you write and how it’s received. When that line is crossed, it’s often because of some misinterpretation of what was said by either him or you.

The biggest reason for these miscommunications is men and women text in different ways. From personal experience, I find men prefer to use texting purely for logistics. Women, on the other can, can carry on high-quality conversations via text.

Basically it’s like a doctor (women) trying to hold a conversation with a 5th grader (men). It's hard for the 5th grader to keep up.

To help my female clients hone their flirting skills when they text, I recommend a few ways to start a conversation that he will want to continue. Hopefully these guidelines help you the next time you want to start a flirtatious digital conversation with your man.

1. Tell them they’re manly

Men love it when women point out a physically masculine characteristic of theirs. It makes them feel strong and primal. It also makes them feel like they are the protector.

Example: “I want your big arms around me right now"

2. Create a mental image