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7 Rules To Create The Perfect Online Profile Picture

Your online dating profile picture is like the gatekeeper to your digital love life. If the guy is NOT immediately attracted to your picture, he is NOT going to read your profile. It doesn’t matter how amazing you are or how well written your profile is. Guys do not read those interesting facts unless they like your profile picture.

To help you put together the perfect online profile picture and optimize your ability to find a high-quality partner, I’ve listed some guidelines to follow below. These are not my opinion. They are facts based on analytics from one of the major players in the online dating space.

This is your bible to select the perfect profile pictures.

1. Do not have anyone else in the picture with you, especially someone of the opposite gender

2. Make the picture as close to a square as possible

3. Don’t be too far or too close to the camera and center yourself in the frame (Your face should make up 8-15% of the surface area of the entire photo)

4. Vary your photos to show different life experiences (IE: skiing, traveling, relaxing on the beach, etc.)

5. Don't wear scantly clad outfits in most of the pictures

6. Use as many as photos as possible

7. Look stunning in 80% of the photos and show yourself doing fun activities in the other 20%

The reason No. 7 is so important is I want the guy to be attracted to you first and foremost. Then, I want him to image a life with you. I want him to picture bike riding, traveling, or hiking with you. If he starts by being attracted to you and then is enchanted by your lifestyle, there’s a strong chance he’s going to message you.

After creating the perfect picture, the next step is writing a great profile. Here’s a story I wrote which can help you with that. If you’re tired of reading, here’s a video on the topic.



I only trust one company for the PERFECT PROFILE PICTURE.

I trust Look Better Online. Click here to be taken to their site and explore getting one of their photographers and setup a photo shoot. (All my clients use LOOKBETTERONLINE.COM)


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