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How To Actually Accomplish Your New Year's Resolution

So the New Year has arrived and you made a resolution to find love in 2016. Awesome! Making that promise to yourself is the first step toward accomplishing your goal. But in order to reach it, you have to be consistent.

Online dating is a great place to start meeting people. Here are 3 steps for success I recommend to my clients:

1. Set 3 times a week where you will respond and send messages to perspective dates. (For example: M-W-F at 8PM to 8:30.) Block this time on your calendar and be consistent.

2. Determine how many dates per week you want to go on to meet a person you want to pursue exclusively. I usually suggest about 2 dates per week.

3. Make dating a priority. If you have a promising date lined up for Thursday make sure you get there. Don't cancel when your friends invite you for dinner or drinks.

This alone won't guarantee results. But it's a great place to start as you keep your resolution of finding love in 2016.

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