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How to Know If a Guy Likes You

Let's face it, dating these days is really hard. 30 years ago there was no misinterpreting text messages, there was no online dating which could provide endless options. Thus, having a bulletproof system to know when you are dating a guy that likes you vs. one who is simply wasting your time is an essential tool to keep your active dating life moving and headed towards something meaningful.

So I am going to make it extremely simple.

If the Guy is Doing the Following He Likes You:

1. Making Future Plans with You Ex: Wedding three months from now or Weekend Getaway

Future plans means he is expecting to still be with you when that event comes up. Yes, it is an even better sign if the future plan is a very long time from now.

2. Wants to meet your friends/family

3. Wants you to meet his friends/family

If the guy is just looking for sex, he doesn't need to build a relationship with your friends and family. The guy just looking for sex wants the easiest exit possible if things end poorly. He certainly doesn't want to hear from your friends or the angry sister, and get an earful about how he is an asshole.

(Small caveat, guys who just want sex are not assholes. Guys who pretend to want a relationship to get sex are assholes.)