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What Women Should Expect From a Man During the Courting Process

Picking a career and picking a man to spend the rest of your life with can be very similar. Typically after a bit of thought you decide on a career. In this example, we will pretend it is finance. You go to college for four years and major in business with a concentration in finance. After school you get a job at JP Morgan. At JP Morgan you give it everything you got, work long hours, and after two years you get promoted. A year later, maybe you are not getting along with your boss and decide to switch firms. You get a job at Morgan Stanley. You once again work long hours.

However, this time you decide maybe finance is not the career for you. You are tired of the hours, underappreciated work, and wish to do something else. Now you decide to become a teacher. You go back to school and get the necessary certifications and try again. Now you spend 10 years as a teacher and are as happy as can be.

Now how does this story relate to dating. Your career is much like your love life. It is your job to use all the information available to forecast the type of man that will make you happy. Now you go into the world and try to find that man. Once you find him, you will date him for awhile to confirm whether this guy is the right one for you. If he is not the right guy, you will release him back into the dating pool and go find another guy. Much like choosing your career, knowing exactly what you want is easy for some but for most of us, trial and error, a little luck, and some hard work is going to land you the guy of your dreams.

However, during this course, what should you expect from men?

1. The man making an effort - Ex: Calling you, asking you out, hearing from him more than once a week.

2. A man willing to wait for sex - If you politely decline sex and he never calls you again, Great it was not meant to be. If he really likes you, he won't care what activity you are doing, he just wants to do it with you.

3. No matter how demanding his job is, he will find time to go out with you. If he won't, maybe dating is not a top priority