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Should You Dump the Nice Guy That You Have Zero Physical Attraction With?

I have been watching and even was briefly on the TV show Married at First Sight by A+E. The TV show is an amazing concept where four experts (Sociologist, Psychologist, Sexologist, and Religion expert) attempt to match up total strangers and literally have them get married at first sight for 6 weeks and then decide if they would like to stay married or get a divorce.

At first glance, many, myself included thought this concept was absolutely crazy. However, the experts have proven that they may be onto something special. After two seasons 4 of the 6 couples remained married. Thus, the system is not perfect but clearly has some merit and should be investigated further.

However, what I want to analyze today is two of couples from the show that eventually had electric relationships. One of the relationships was so electric and fun, Jamie and Doug, that they needed to be rewarded with a spin off show for the world to see how special their love is. But, interestingly enough, at first sight, Jamie was literally disgusted with the sight of her husband. She was in tears and truly did not want to go into the marriage. Jamie proceeded to go on her honeymoon with her husband and was terrified. She had zero chemistry with Doug and literally did not like his face at all.

However, she stuck it out. Days went on, weeks went on, and something happened. She saw that Doug was generous, caring, sweet, and a ton of fun. In her mind, this disgusting, ugly man, had started to transform into this sexy, irresistible guy. Shortly after, she could not keep her hands off him. Doug and Jamie fell madly in love and began a life together.

So what is the point of the story. How does this apply to your dating life? Simple, this story is one example that proves a scientific study that was conducted a number of years ago. In the study men would rate women purely based on looks and then after getting to know the person re-rate their attractiveness. Women with amazing personalities on a 0 - 10 scale would only increase by 1 point and at times not move at all. However, as women get to know men, they are able to move men anywhere from 4 to 6 points based on personality. So what does this mean?