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How To Land the Relationship Oriented Guy Who Won't Approach You

Let me paint the scene. It is Saturday night, your girlfriends and you have an 8PM restaurant reservations, you all get there at 7:00 to grab a cocktail at the bar. The clock hits 7:30 when Mr. Suave himself meanders over to the group and with open arms says the following: "Excuse me ladies, I am sorry to interrupt but I couldn't help but notice your beautiful friend. Would you mind if I borrow her for a quick conversation?"

The group agrees to let her chat, the beautiful woman speaks with Mr. Suave for 20 minutes and then proceeds to give suave her number. Mr. Suave does one of a few things with this number.

1. He calls and sets up a date (sometimes just with the end goal of getting laid)

2. He gets so many numbers every week he forgets about you and the number

Now, Mr. Suave is what we call the modern day alpha male. The alpha male is a guy who can approach any woman, not be nervous/scared, and rarely will have trouble obtaining a date. Now, I don't want to over generalize, but any economics student will have to agree with the following logic. The alpha male either has or is capable of having many options. With many options, the alpha male may be less interested in settling with one woman. Thus, it may behoove women to be careful with the alpha male.

However, the reformed alpha male/player is a great catch. The reformed player did extremely well with women, however, he has finally grown up and now realizes he wants the real deal, LOVE and MONOGAMY. One caveat, put the reform player to the test, do not have sex with him until of course you are ready but also until he is willing to commit to you and no one else. This should help prove that he truly has changed and is not simply adding another notch to his belt.

Now how about the beta male. The bet