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What Are The Differences Between a Matchmaker and a Dating Coach?

I have been getting this question a lot lately and I thought I would field this question in a blog post so I can give some clarity on the differences between the matchmaker and the dating coach.

A matchmaker who only focuses on matchmaking typically provides clients with dates/introductions to usually about 10 viable suitors. The goal of the matchmaker is to hopefully find you a compatible match as soon as possible but somewhere around 5-8 matches usually is the sweet spot for them understanding what you want and also finding a man that wants you.

Some matchmakers also coach their clients as well. These matchmakers will give you advice ranging from date conversation topics and potentially as deep as working on intrinsic issues that are preventing you from finding love.

Matchmakers typically range in pricing as low as $3,000 all the way up to $1,000,000. Prices vary based on reputation, longevity in the business, size/quality of their database, and proven track record. Many NYC based matchmakers range from 25k - 100k for 10 matches and usually have great results.

Now, what is a dating coach.

A dating coach, much like a life coach is about making you a better version of yourself and also giving you better dating skills. Typical skills taught will be better online dating, meeting people in person, pre-relationship advice, enhancing communication skills, teaching what women and men are really looking for in relationships and how to deliver that for your partner.

I am not sure about other dating coaches, but I typically will have clients dating someone they are interested in around the 90 day mark. The reason, I decided to become a dating coach is because God forbid if the relationship goes south post coaching services, my clients already have the skills needed to go find another guy.