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Does Your Man Want Sex or Exclusivity?

A few months ago I was sitting on a girls bed, we just had a great day date, we walked around the upper west side. Then grabbed a drink at a trendy specialty cocktail bar. Next, we grabbed a quick dinner and then we retreated back to her apartment to relax and watch a movie.

All day I had been thinking about how I was crazy about the girl and quite simply I would be happy to stop dating other women and just focus on her. However, in the past I was always the quintessential Mr. Indecisive and sometimes could take 3-6 months of casual dating until I asked a girl to be exclusive.

Anyway, on her bed, on that evening, I was jumping out of the plane with no chute and was going for it. I asked her if she would like to be exclusive.

Her response, "I am flattered, but are you asking me just so I will have sex with you?"

This made me realize we have 2 Major Problems in the Dating World:

1. Women sometimes perceive men as willing to do anything to get laid


I am going to focus on #2 first because that drives me crazy for 2 Reasons:

1. You get what you ask for

2. If you are honest you get laid more often!!!!!!!!!

Dear Men,

Confidence is sexy. Tell a woman you are speaking to her because she is beautiful, sexy, fun to talk to, and ultimately you would like to have sex with her but are not looking for a relationship. Since you are being honest there is a good chance she will APPRECIATE your honesty and confidence and continued to be intrigued by what you are offering, which in this case is purely SEX.

Dear Ladies,

When it comes to a man asking for your hand in an exclusive relationship, we mean it. Especially, if you make us work for it. If we have went on the trouble to go on 5+ dates, we are continuing to date you because we like you. Very few men are willing to go on 5+ dates just to get laid. The man who wants to get laid will convince some girl at a bar, go on tinder, or do anything that involves less effort.

The man looking for a meaningful relationship, goes on dates, asks questions about you, wants to meet your family and friends, plans the future with you, and simply gets to know you. This same man, when he is ready will ask you to be monogamous.

Ladies, Men do not ask women for exclusivity to get laid. Men ask women for monogamy because they are convinced they have met their queen, their vision of the perfect woman. Enjoy it, be flattered, and if you feel the same way, accept his proposal.

Happy Dating,


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