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How To Get Your Man To Do Everything You Ever Wanted Him to Do

Dear Mike,

"Are any of your dating articles geared to men and how they can be better at dating? Without men meeting us even 1/2 way, you can give women all the advice in the world and nothing will change." Preferred to remain Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

First, you are right 98% of my articles are geared towards women. I do this on purpose.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your perspective 90% of self improvement literature published is for women. The fact is, women are more willing to ask for advice, accept it, and even use it. Men for whatever reason, I am guessing ego, are not willing to ask for advice as often.

Thus it is a much better use of my time to give advice to a sex that is willing to read it and better yet, put it into practice.

However, it is not lost on me that 50% of the population is being left out on learning better dating skills. As far as I am concerned, that is an unacceptable percentage. Thus, I teach men indirectly. Any woman who becomes a client will learn the skills to communicate so effectively that the man who adores her will WANT to do What She Wants because of the appreciation he will receive for it.

I hate to say this, but since I am a man I think I am allowed. Men are as simple as Pavlov's dogs. If you remember the scientific study, basically a scientist would ring a bell then give the dogs a treat. He did this over and over again. Soon the dogs would start salivating just by hearing the bell because the bell signaled to the dogs a treat is coming.

Well women can do this with men, but most importantly do it in a way that is not sneaky but in a way that will leave her man entirely happy and excited that her woman is smart enough to understand the concept.

Let me give you an example, you are living with a man and it drives you crazy that he never hangs up the floor mat to dry off after taking a shower. This goes on for months. You politely remind him, "Please hang up the floor mat after a shower", you do this over and over again. However, he consistently forgets. Eventually, after multiple occurrences, you lose it and get into a big argument. He doesn't realize that the issue isn't about a floor mat, but is about him not listening to you and making you feel so unimportant that he can't do the littlest of things for you.

The man gets angry because he doesn't understand why he is being scolded over forgetting to hang a bath mat. He is thinking is this really a big deal?

The answer is simple, if he knew that you were feeling unheard and unimportant he would be sympathetic. Which in a roundabout way brings me to concept of more effective communication.

So how could you avoid this whole argument and build a much happier relationship all at the same time? Very simple. Tell your man this, "If you would hang up the bath mat, you would make me the happiest girl on the planet"

Then next time he hangs up the bath mat, go over to him, give him a huge hug and kiss, and say, "You handsome man! Thank you so much for hanging the bath mat". Now repeat this process for a few weeks or longer until he is consistently hanging up the bath mat.

Congratulations your man is now just as smart and likely just as happy a dog. His treat is the appreciation; your smile, the hug, the kiss, the feeling he gets that he can make you happy!

There is nothing sexier in a man's eyes than a woman who knows how to appreciate a man. I personally will go to hell and back for a woman's appreciation. This is how men are wired.

Ladies, I just gave you the superhuman power to control men. All you need to do is appreciate them for anything they do. You will now be able to get whatever you want. I urge you, please use your new found superpowers for good.

Also, anonymous, I hope you feel better about the fact that I am giving advice to women, but ultimately intend to help both sexes though relationship osmosis if you will.

Happy Dating,


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