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My Man Makes Less Money Than Me

This is a very common issue that comes up constantly. I hate to call it an issue because it really shouldn't be. It is hard enough to make a relationship work than to have to worry about the fact that the female earns more than the man. WHO CARES?

Well unfortunately, the man sometimes does. So what should women do to help the situation? Great question!

First, obviously don't rub it in his face that you make more money. It will be emasculating because society suggests that men should be providing for women. I think most of us can agree that we still want men paying for dates.

Second, appreciate your man for the qualities that are great. For example, after dinner, grab his arm and say, "I love being wrapped up in your arms, I feel so safe with you". Try this, the man will have a HUGE smile. I promise!

Another example, "You are so manly and you allow me to be myself around you"

The point of these examples are to make your men feel appreciated, hopefully remind him that there are things way more valuable to you than how much money he makes. At the end of the day, we want him to feel comfortable being himself, and as long you make him feel like he is the only man that could make you this happy, money won't matter.

Finally, if after weeks or even months, the man refuses to get over the fact that you make more money than him, than the two of you may not be a match right now. Confidence is sexy and if a man can't have the confidence to say, "I am the luckiest man in the world, I've got a woman who is intelligent, beautiful, caring, and happens to have the added bonus of making more than me" than he is not ready to date a successful woman. This is not your problem anymore, it is his. Hopefully he will learn to deal with his insecurities, step up to the plate and realize he offers so many other great qualities and his paycheck should not define him or what he is capable of providing to a partner in a committed relationship.

So what do you do? Unfortunately, you need to set this man free so he can work on himself and hopefully become more secure with his paycheck.

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