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Are You Dating the Wrong Men?

The classic story, guy courts girl, girl starts to like guy. Girl sleeps with guy and guy vanishes. Which leads to asking yourself a few questions.

1. Why do men do this?

2. Am I picking the right men?

3. What does the right man look like?

Today I am going to answers all these questions and I am going to make dating so simple that literally anyone can do it with results that lead to COMMITTED RELATIONSHIPS. Here we go!

1. Men want to have sex. As long as you don't make it too hard for them, they will continue to pursue until they get what they want.

2. I don't know if you are picking the right men. However, I am going to give you a system to decide who you keep dating and you stop dating.

1. Build a list of everything you want in a man

2. Delete anything that you do not personally have yourself

3. Prioritize so you only have your top five

Moving forward, if men have your top five, keep agreeing to dates, if they don't have your top five, stop dating them. (If you must stop dating them, a quick phone call works, try not to text)

3. The right man is the one who invests in you. If he is asking for dates, calling you between dates, discussing future plans, wants to meet your friends/family and introduce you to his, and is actively pursuing you. If he is not pushing the relationship moving forward, MOVE ON! Invest in men that are investing in you. If you like a guy but he isn't pursuing you, treating you well, he is not the right guy. Date the guy you would want your daughter to date!

Now ladies, I know you are going to come back at me and say, "Hold on Mike, what if I don't have chemistry with the guy?" This is a phenomenal question. Very Simply, chemistry grows. Many women, who are happily married with children right now, will tell you without hesitation that they did not feel attracted to their now husband until date 5 or some of them date 8.

Give good men a chance, imagine if the nice guy turns into the guy you can't keep your hands off of. Now you've got an amazing man that you have all the chemistry in the world with!

Please try my system and let me know how it works.

In the meantime, if you are having trouble meeting men online, Go here, to learn more about my FREE video that walks you through all MY SECRETS to Online Dating. (This video took me three months to build, 6 years to come up with the system it employs. If you are ready for love and tired of unsuccessful online dating, this video will literally change your love life forever)

Actual Link to FREE Video about Online Dating:

See you Next Time,


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