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A Bar in Hoboken, NJ or Tinder at home on a Saturday Night?

Five years ago when I was feeling lonely because I didn't have a significant other, I went to the bar on a Saturday Night in hopes of getting a girl's phone number. Now, on Saturday afternoon I debate whether going to Madisons in Hoboken, NJ is a better use of time than swiping right or left on Tinder or OkCupid.

Empirical data will show that I can schedule way more dates at home with my phone than I can at the local bar in Hoboken, NJ. However, what am I losing? Do I want to be the guy that consistently sits at home on a Saturday night tinkering around on his Droid or computer? Is that attractive to the opposite sex? Better yet, maybe I should play X-Box all night and see how many zombies I can kill? Now, ladies who who is interested in going on a date with me?

Hm, zero takers?

My conclusion:

I think dating, just like a well oiled marketing plan must come from many different mediums. I believe you need to meet people online, at bars, through friends making introductions, walking around musuems, at the local coffee house, and maybe even the occasional message on Facebook.

So let's get out there and make new relationships through the real world and internet!

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