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When Men Are In Love, Why Do They Pull Away Into Their Man Caves?

EZ Dating Coach, Mike Goldstein's, friend was on top of the world when she got back from a romantic vacation with her boyfriend. She felt like they really bonded and truly connected on their trip. She was taken off guard when they returned home and he suddenly went emotionally M.I.A. All he wanted to do was be alone and play video games! What happened? Does he not love her anymore?

Believe it or not, men actually tend to pull away more when they are in love. Research shows that when men fall in love, their testosterone level drops. This is due to an increase in their estrogen and oxytocin levels. As a man gets closer to a woman, it awakens his female side, bringing out characteristics and qualities such as vulnerability, interdependence, and being emotional and nurturing. If it gets to be too much, it can suppress their masculine side. This makes the man want to pull away to try to feel independent and quiet his mind, to solve problems and achieve his goals, and ultimately increase his male energy and testosterone.

Watching your man pull away can leave you feeling confused or hurt. You can take comfort in knowing that he is not pulling away from you because he loves you any less. He is simply searching for balance.

Check out this video to hear what John Gray, the author of "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus", has to say regarding this topic:

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