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Why Do Men Disappear

You have been dating the same guy for awhile. He has texted you daily, he has cooked you dinner, he has even had sex with you. But one day he disappears. He stops texting and calling.

Why did he do it?

Watch this video for the real answer that most dating coaches refuse to tell you.

In case, you can't do a video right now. Read Below:

It's time to tell you the truth. No one knows the specific reason "your guy" left. But, what I can tell you is something that can change your life. It certainly changed mine when I heard it for the first time.

"No one can you make you feel anything, you control how you feel." So if you are sad because your guy disappears, or you are depressed because it's winter and you haven't seen the sun in 5 months make the decision to feel happy.

What is the first step to accomplishing this?

Trick Your Brain.

Right Now, make a huge smile, try to be in a bad mood. You can't do it. You can't be in a bad mood with a huge smile on your face.

Second step, start changing your vocabulary. If someone asks, How are you?"

Say, "Amazing, phenomenal, I am having the best day of my life."

When you use these words, much like smiling for no reason, you will trick your brain. Pessimistic about my concept, try it for 21 days and report back. 21 days too long. Try it for one day. Let me know if it worked?

I can promise these little tricks will make your life a little sweeter.

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