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Introducing The Meet Up.EatUp App

I love online dating and believe we are in the infancy stages of where it is headed. Online dated started with robust sites like Match, OkCupid, and POF. The second iteration of online dated headed into apps like Tinder, Hinge, Happn, Bumble, and many others.

Recently, I was sent a very exciting app concept that fills a massive hole in the social interaction/online dating space. It is called Meetup.Eatup.

What Is It?

"It's a sophisticated app that connects like-minded people, singles or couples, who are searching for new connections, over a meal, providing a safe and enjoyable social experience.

Life is about making connections. Real connections with real people, and what better way to meet people than over a nice meal, with no expectations and no pressure.

The simplicity of MeetUp.EatUp is giving users the flexibility to arrange to meet new people over a great meal using simple matching criteria of gender, age and lifestyle interests. You can create events for a group or a 1:1 intimate setting."

Why Do I Love This App?

Let's say you have been dying to go to the restaurant Per Se in Manhattan this Thursday at 8PM and none of your friends are able to go. This app, will let you select the restaurant, day and time, and then do the hard work of finding like minded people to join you on the experience.

On traditional dating apps, you need to come up with a witty first message to peak interest, then you need to maintain interest through messages, maybe a phone call, and then navigate each other's busy schedules to find a time to potentially meet up. Not to mention, you need to figure out/plan the date.

On Meetup.Eatup, there is no witty message, just show up, and meet a bunch of people. Also, if you end up not liking one person, assuming you chose a group, you can interact with the other people. All the while getting to enjoy the restaurant you have been dying to try.

Who is this App meant for?

  1. Singles and Couples Searching For New Connections

  2. Business Traveler Sick of Eating Alone

  3. Couple Moved To A New City

  4. Friends Looking To Expand Their Social Network

  5. Ex-Pats

  6. Foodies

  7. Anyone Looking To Connect With Like Minded People In A Group Dynamic

  8. Existing Group Of Friends Who Need An Easy Way To Coordinate A Meal Out

If you would like to learn more and view the apps kick starter page, Click Here.

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