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5 Dating Resolutions To Boost Your Love Life In 2016

1. Change Things Up

Whether it’s online dating, friends setting you up, or drunken hook ups, odds are you’ve found previous dates through similar avenues. Well, if you haven’t found your life partner in that pool yet, it’s time to try another one in 2016. Meeting new people in new ways could be the key to finding a long-term partner.

2. Be Proactive

Don’t wait for someone you like to approach you at a party or to reach out to you for a second date. Take the initiative in your love life and control your own destiny. The worst thing that can happen is the other person says they’re not interested, which actually eliminates wasted time and helps you find someone who does care about you.

3. Meet In Person

Dating online is a great way to meet a lot of people. But speaking with someone in person allows you to read who they truly are. Body language is key to compatibility. The best way to figure out who shares the same feelings as you is by meeting face-to-face.

4. Be Honest With Yourself

Every person wants certain characteristics in their significant other. Before getting into a relationship, write down what matters most to you in a LONG-TERM partner. Use that list as a guide to date people you’re interested in and not waste time on people you’re not. Specifically, use the list described here.

5. Don’t Look Back

There’s a reason you and your ex are not together anymore. Remember those reasons and use them as guides for what kind of person not to date moving forward. Dating similar people and getting different results isn’t going to happen. Make 2016 the year you don’t repeat past mistakes.

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