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How Many Dates Per Week Does Your New Guy Get?

How Many Dates Does Your New Guy Get Per Week?

I love this question, because quite frankly, It IS POSSIBLE to sabotage a good thing. Let's work together to NOT DO THAT!

But let's take a step back first, men look at their new dating prospect and typically put the lady into a few categories. 1. Potential Wife 2. Hook Up Buddy 3. Friend Zone 4. Run

Now, if a man is asking you on date 5+, you are typically in the potential wife category. If the man has you in potential wife status, this doesn't mean you can't be dropped down into the hookup buddy at anytime. Unfortunately, one or a few false moves can changes a man's perception quickly.

In this article I want to discuss how being available can change perception.

Most successful men when looking for their wife are NOT looking for their equivalent financially but definitely want a woman that is independent and has her own life in order. Independent would include a job, apartment, and strong support system including great friends and family. Now, when a woman has plans with friends or family and can't attend a man's date this is how a woman shows off her independence and value. Although the man may be bummed you can't go on a date he is also realizing you already have a great life and thus perceives you as valuable and someone that should be sought after. So having plans is not a bad thing. This Article will show you how to reschedule/schedule a date while ensuring the guy KNOWS YOU ARE STILL INTERESTED!

Okay, back to the original question. How many dates per week does your new guy get? I would suggest about 2 per week. This number can occasionally fluctuate to 1 or 3. But I think this number is healthy. This number still allows you to maintain your current life, your friends, and all your activities but it starts the process of integrating that special someone into your weekly routine.

However, as your relationship develops I think you should communicate with your partner and find out what works for your relationship. Some couples will want to spend more time together while others will want to spend less, as long as you effectively communicate to find what works for your relationship you should be able to find the right balance.

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