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You Had Sex With Your New Guy, Is He Still Interested?

You have went on a few dates with Bob and finally take the plunge and have sex. You did it because he was smart, funny, charming, and attentive to you. He made you feel beautiful and special. However, now you are wondering did he just want sex or does he want to be with you?

I believe the answer is not going to come based on his behavior with you in person. In person he is going to do and say enough to continue getting laid. The behavior I am interested in is how and what he does via phone in the 48 hours following sex.

Does he reach out within 48 hours with a phone call? Does he invited you on another date? If so this is a great sign and a good start to continuing to build your connection.

However, the guy who is a "player" wants to keep having sex with you and also not hurt you. In order to not hurt you, he is most likely thinking that if he only texts you sporadically and meets up with you only once a week or less you will not grow very strong feelings for him. Thus, if you have a guy intermittently texting you and only willing to meet up about once a week, there is a decent chance he is purely looking for sex.

Couple these signs with him not wanting to meet your friends/family and NOT willing to make plans for the future, it is highly likely he is in this "relationship" purely to satisfy his sexual desires.

How to Put the Guy to the Test?

If he is sporadically texting you, let's see how serious he is. Text him the following: