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What Men Really Want in a Female Partner

What men want in a partner is 100% different than what women want in their partner.

Women want a man who is:

  • driven

  • independent

  • financially secure and will make them feel taken care of

However, men of course are happy if a woman has those same traits but those are not the big ones for us.

Men want:

  • Support without being challenged

  • Appreciation for who we are

  • Acceptance for our flaws

Notice, how these three bullets overlap and could almost be turned into one bullet point. Men are simple, and DO NOT need much to be happy.

Very simply, men want a woman who appreciates us for who we are, is not going to try and change us, and when we suggest plans is easy enough to go with the flow. Now, before I make it seem like women should be push overs, I need to clarify. Being easy breezy on minor issues like what restaurant we should eat at is making life easier for a man. However, for major issues, like how many children to have, where to live, men want and expect you to speak your mind. But once again, minor issues, wouldn't it be easier to just let the man take the lead?

Now is that all you need to know to snag a guy? Nope, one more thing. Men are 100% visual creatures. If they don't find you attractive instantly it is NOT going to work. You may call this shallow if you want, but in order to be successful dating, you should just accept this and only bother with men that are pursuing you because they find YOU attractive. However, what should a woman do if she is not initially attracted to a man? My answers leads to a client story.

"Mike, with my last boyfriend I was not attracted to him until about date 10, then after that I couldn't keep my hands off him". This is wonderful and women should give men who are making an effort a fair chance because women are 100% capable of building attraction over time. However, men are 100% not capable of changing their opinion on physical appearance. We are either attracted or not. Thus, do not waste time on men not spending time on you.

On a positive note, men are attracted to almost everything so get ready for them to pursue you. Straighten you hair, lock eyes, smile big, wave them over, and watch them flock.

Ready to meet your prince charming? Contact me, your dating coach, Mike Goldstein at to request a 100% FREE strategy session. Stop wasting time, contact me, it is free, you have nothing to lose!

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