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How to Determine if You Are in an Exclusive Relationship

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The number one question that constantly comes in from my female subscriber base is, I am dating this guy, wondering if we are exclusive and where this relationship is headed?

Before I answer the question, I want to first explain what men are looking for in their future wife. We want a woman that makes our life easier/better and someone we can't keep our eyes off of.

Yes, that is all we need. It is that simple.

When I say someone who makes our life better. This means, a woman who has similar values and hopefully some similar interests. This allows for fun activities to be enjoyed together, and of course when it comes time to raising children, for the most part, major values passed down have already been agreed upon and will not be a constant argument.

Now, on to the question we are ally dying to know the answer to. Is this relationship exclusive and where is it headed? In order to solve this mystery I have created the 90 day rule.

The man has 90 days to ask you to be exclusive. If he doesn't, on the 90th day you will find out with absolute certainty where you stand.

On day 90 you will say the following, "Boyfriend candidate, I really like you. I think you are an amazing person and over the last three months have really enjoyed our time together. Nothing would make me happier than to be in an exclusive relationship with you. With that being said, since you have never asked me to be exclusive I am assuming you are not interested in a monogamous relationship. Thus, since I want a relationship with you, and you clearly don't want one with me, it is only fair that we no longer see each other. I wish you all the happiness in the world, goodbye."

-Drop the mic and walk out.

Now, hopefully what happens is the guy frantically panics and tells you, "Woah, hold your horses. I want you and no one else, let's be exclusive"

However, if he doesn't, leave wherever you are and go home. The boyfriend candidate may call you in a few days and may ask for a relationship. However, if you don't hear from him, you just saved a ton of time dating a guy that was NEVER going to give you what you wanted. Thankfully you only wasted 90 days.

Now I know, many of you think my approach is bold, maybe abrupt, and quite frankly a little terrifying. But, this really is the best way to handle men. Why you ask? Here is why?

Men are usually in one of three places in their life. 1 - They are looking for women to have sex with 2- They are ready for a relationship 3 - If the perfect woman comes by they will drop all other women

If they are looking for a relationship, they most likely with 85% certainty made up their mind on you by the end of date 2 or 3. However, the other 15% is probably figured out by the end of 90 days.