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In The Game of Love: You Get What YOU Ask For #SetBoundaries

Setting boundaries 3.3.15.jpg

by Mike Goldstein

Most women above the age of 28 that I meet are looking for love, marriage, and commitment. However, I consistently hear stories of these same wonderful women casually dating men and hoping at some point they will ask her to be monogamous. But, the guy never asks and the man gets to skirt through their relationship with no commitment. This usually carries on for a few months until the woman finally confronts the man and asks where this is headed.

The man squirms and says one of the following:

"I don't know"

"Let's see what happens"

"I like you, let's see"

and so on!

First off, I am sorry ladies when you have to deal with this. It stinks!

However, let me offer you an alternative to NEVER have to deal with this again. On the 2ND Date or even first date tell a man what you are looking for. Say with confidence, "My life is perfect, I have a great apartment in NYC, I have a secure job that I love. All I am missing is a life partner. I would li