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Mike's #1 Rule for Online Dating

I remember when I first created my online dating profile. It was on okcupid and I was extremely excited for this new and large database of single women. This one girl sent me a simple message saying "hi". After a few back and forth messages I invited her out for a drinks. Her pictures looked amazing and her age said she was 29. Everything seemed reasonable that we could have a good connection.

I showed up to the date and she was at least 40, if not 60lbs heavier than her pictures showcased. Not to mention, she was 10 years older than her profile stated.

Unfortunately, this was not a love connection. (I did keep trying though)

Anyway, what is my #1 piece of advice for online daters?

It is simple!

Look at the match % and search by it.

My clients and myself can vouch, assuming your dating prospect filled out at least 100 if not 200 questions honestly and has a match % of 85% plus, the similarities will be there and the conversation should be great!

Bottom line, in NYC, or really anywhere, time is extremely valuable. Thus, go on dates with match % of 85% or higher to have a much higher chance of having a strong connection.

I hope this is helpful.

Happy Hunting Daters!

The Dating Coach


PS: If you would like to setup a free dating/relationship strategy session with me personally, please contact me at

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