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What are the Essentials of a Great Online Dating Profile?

One of the major online dating sites has analyzed millions of data points and together we have come up with the following list of guidlines for building both your profile and selectiong your profile pictures.

Profile Pictures

  • No one in picture with you – especially opposite gender

  • Make the picture as close to a square as possible

  • Don’t be too far or too close to camera

  • Cleavage – Will Increase Messages (May want to experiment, may get the wrong messages)

  • Men – Don’t have shirt off

  • Varied Situations – Beach, Skiing, be in appropriate clothes

  • Use as many as photos as possible

Profile Advice

  • Be Specific – EX: Travel: Not I enjoy travel. Say: I went to Paris, Barcelona, and the Philippines.

  • Don’t talk about previous relationships

  • Be Positive

  • White space - Make your profile easy on the eyes

If you are not a bullet point reader but only read paragraphs. Read This because this is the most important advice! Be specific in your online dating profile.

DO NOT SAY: I am honest, fun, love the outdoors, and blah blah blah.

Do Say: When I was 25 I found a briefcase with 300k in it, I brought it to Wells Fargo and recieved a thank you. Every Tuesday and Thursday I play outdoor soccer for an hour.

See the difference between specific story telling and generic adjectives that don't truly tell a person who you are?

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