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The World is Not Flat and Women Can Approach Men!

Women, men, dating coaches, psychologists, and everyone tells me that men pick up women. Men approach women.

This has been true for a very long time. Today, I offer a secondary option. Strong, confident, successful, beautiful women, (that still make a man feel needed) will come introduce themselves to men they are interested in.

Here is an example dialogue at a grocery store:

Hot Successful Woman: "Excuse me, I think you are cute and wanted to come meet you."

Cute Man: "ummmm, Thank you! How flattering, I am George, what is your name?"

Dialogue continues, eventually phone numbers exchange and George follows up to ask her on a date.

Why do I feel so adamant that women "should be allowed to approach men"?

First off, 21st century, women should be doing whatever the hell they want! Why should a woman need to bat her eyelashes, stare for four seconds, for a guy to maybe muster up the courage to come approach her. It is time for woman to take their dating lives into their own hands.

Why must this happen? Because men, myself included see hundreds of women per day that we think are gorgeous, wife material that we will never approach because we are:

1. Focused on work

2. Scared

3. Focused on getting lunch

4. Inside our own head

5. Don't know how to approach women

Women, it is time to help the opposite sex out, and quite frankly help yourself out. If you approach a man, there is only two possible outcomes.

1. You flattered the guy (He feels like a million bucks)

2. You get a date

My rant continues: For Men!

Men, if you see a good looking woman! Go up to her and tell her. Everyday life is tough, and every girl whether she will admit it or not loves a sincere genuine compliment.

(Do not yell compliments while women walk by)

DO: Intimately say excuse me, and then offer whatever the first thing that came into your brain about the woman's physical appearance.

Now go out into the world, put smiles on strangers faces and GET SOME DATES with people you are immediately attracted to!

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