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Beautiful, Smart, Intelligent, and Successful - THE WHOLE PACKAGE

I conducted five consultations with women this week. All five girls were absolutely, unequivocally stunning. Not only did they have this in common but they all had successful careers, were intelligent, and strong communicators. I was shocked at how amazing these girls were.

However, what shocked me even more was how some of them were self-conscious and lacked confidence. This was hard for me to believe. All these girls would easily walk into any room, anywhere in Manhattan, and have heads turn and once they turned, make jaws drop with the profound things that would come out of their spoken mouths.

Moral of the story is this. Ladies, you are all beautiful, intelligent, and have careers many would die for. We all understand and empathize with your horror stories from the past. But you all are amazing people and deserve to feel that way about yourselves.

Now go out there and continue to conquer the world and allow yourselves to have men join the journey at your side.

Yours Truly,

Your Dating Coach,

Mike Goldstein

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