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The Do's and Don'ts of The First Date!

Ever got back from a first date so excited thinking, "Wow, that went well! I can't wait to see him again."

However, he never calls to setup the 2nd date. Here is the list of everything you should and should not do on a first date.


  • Meet at a bar for a drink

  • Ask Open Ended Questions to get the other person chatting (Ex: Where did you grow up? Where have you traveled to? What is your favorite tv show/book?)

  • Wear Jeans with a nice shirt, dress shoes for men and heels for women

  • Pick a location that is close to both you and your date

  • If you are the man, I would suggest paying the bill

  • If you are female, I would suggest offering to help pay the bill (Hopefully the man politely declines)

  • Open the door for a lady, help her with her coat, pull the seat out for her

  • It IS okay to kiss on the first date


  • Spinning or any event which will cause a girl to sweat profusely (Good date down the road, not a first date)

  • Talk about X BF or GF

  • Longer stories - No one cares! Keep answers to 2-3 sentences. If your date is interested, he or she will ask a follow up question. If no question comes, let's move on to a different topic by asking a question

  • Wear a scandalous dress - If you dress physical, you will get physical responses. (Of course if that is what you are looking for, please dress accordingly)

  • Chat about Politics

  • Check your Phone or worst yet have an active text conversation

  • Long drawn out stories about medical issues

  • Invite him/her out on a Friday or Saturday evening

  • Talk about your job for majority of the date (It is called work and not fun for a reason) Talk about fun things!

  • Talk about your brother's obsession with smoking/harvesting marijuana (Yes this happened to me) TMI - save your skeletons in the closet for down the road. Once the person likes you, they are more likely to be accepting of minor faults or interesting family members

  • "No Sex before Monogamy"

  • Get sloppy drunk

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