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Checklist To Be in The Top 5% of Successful Online Daters

The Top 5% Are 10X More Successful Than Everyone Else 

Perfect Profile Picture

  1. No one in picture with you – especially opposite gender

  2. Make the picture as close to a square as possible

  3. Don’t be too far or too close to camera  (Face should make up 8-15% of entire surface area of picture)

  4. Varied Situations – Beach, Skiing,

  5. Use as many as photos as possible (At least 6)

  6. 80% of Photos should be where you look stunning - 20% Should be Performing an interesting activity.  If your photos do both at the same time, you are way ahead of the game


Perfect Profile


  1. Be Specific – Don't say, " I enjoy adventures."  Say:  "Last Saturday, I woke at 9AM, grabbed a zip car and went tandem sky diving in Alexandria, NJ."

  2. Don't talk about previous relationships

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