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The Most Shocking Thing Men Want From Women

In this blog post, you will learn the most shocking thing that men want from women. This is an amazing topic because it's so confusing and it doesn't make any sense to women, but it makes perfect sense to men.

The one shocking thing is that men want their women to be over the moon happy. And it doesn’t quite make sense, since the thing they want is something for you – for the woman. And we know men are selfish most of the time – so wouldn't it makes sense that the thing he wants is for himself and not the woman? But yes, the man is still selfish. This actually is for him.

Because when you are happy, the man feels needed, appreciated, valued, etc. And these are feelings that he's craving. Because sometimes, with powerful women who have everything going for them, the man may wonder where he fits in. Every man wants to feel valued and make his woman happy. And if he doesn’t feel like he’s making you happy, he will give up and stop trying. Think about it – when you nag him for something he hasn’t done or something he should be doing, that usually doesn’t lead to desirable results. Because the man feels like a failure when he can’t make you happy. And he feels frustrated when he feels like he’s bringing no value or joy to your life. But when you show appreciation for something he did do, that just makes him want to do it more, and find other things that make you happy as well. With men, positive reinforcement is the key.

When the woman is smiling from ear to ear, the man feels great because he is feeling valued. Nothing will make him feel like more of a man than when he sees you smiling because of something he's done. You can help him feel this way by thanking him or smiling at the little things he does – things like setting up the date, pulling out your chair, helping you with your coat, making you feel special, giving you compliments, etc. Because this is what men crave – that amazing euphoric feeling of being with you and making you happy. Once they feel like they’re making you happy, they feel like they are delivering value, and this makes them feel like they’re the man.

Of course, you may already be happy, but men want to feel like they’re making you happier. They want to be the icing on the cake. They want to feel like your hero. If you can create a space for him where he feels needed and desired, he will return the favor and make you happy every single time.

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