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Are You Pretty Enough For Him?

The answer is YES! Of course, you are! We all have insecurities and get down on ourselves sometimes. The fear that you aren’t attractive enough can really hold you back. I’m here to tell you that you absolutely are attractive enough to find love. I have proof! Are you ready for this?

Let’s get into some science and learn about the physiology of men and women. You’ve probably heard that men are very visual. This is because men have 25% more receptors going from their eyes to their brain than women do. Interesting, right? Don’t let this fact intimidate you! It’s a great thing and we’ll talk about why, later.

If you found that fact interesting, you’re going to love this… There was a scientific study done where women looked at photos of men and rated their physically attractiveness on a scale from 1-10. After rating the men, the women met with them and were asked to rate their attractiveness again. If the man had a great personality, his score went way up. A kind and charming man that was initially rated a 4 could now be an 8! Conversely, a man that she didn’t hit it off with could go from a 4 to a 0! This teaches us that a man’s personality can really make him more or less attractive to a woman.

Now check this out… when they flipped the study and did the same test on men, women’s personalities had a smaller effect on their ratings. If he really liked her personality, her score could go up 1 point and if he really didn’t like her personality, it could drop down 1 point. This teaches us that men need to be attracted to a woman right off the bat. Women can grow to be attracted to a man while men need to feel it right away.

Don’t let this make you nervous, ladies. Men are attracted to a lot of things. Like I said early, men are very visual. They love your face, your hair, your smile, your confidence, your style… Plus, there is a lid for every pot! There is someone out there for everyone! Be confident and proud of who you are and let your beauty shine!

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