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What Is The Biggest Turn Off For A Man

The number one biggest turn off for a man in a relationship is fighting with their partner. When people are fighting, they aren't thinking clearly. The stress and the anger are taking over, making it difficult to resolve any issues. Words that come from a place of discontent fly back and forth, fueling the fire, making everything worse, and ultimately hurting each other. When you are arguing, it's difficult to see past the argument. If it is a good and healthy relationship and you want to move forward together, that's when you need to do whatever you can to work it out.

So, how do you work it out? You need to come up with a plan. Once things have cooled down and you and your partner are both in a happy, good place, discuss a strategy for how you would like to deal with an argument. Personally, I find it helpful to step away and return once I have calmed down. When coming up with our game plan, my girlfriend and I decided to utilize my take-a-breather tactic and it really works for us!

Come up with a plan with your man so that when you have an argument or disagreement, you both know what to do. Men love strategies and formulas and they will love that you both came up with a healthy way to get through your issues. This will make you both feel safer, more confident, and happier in your relationship. You won't only feel closer than ever as you come together as a team, the turn off of fighting will be replaced with the turn on of peaceful, smooth, and easy teamwork.

Learn more tips from the video below:

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