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Why Did He Stop Texting You and What To Do

Everything is going great.

You met someone who you really feel like you can develop a connection with.

Maybe you even went on a few dates.

Both of you seem interested, texting back and forth for days.

And then, suddenly...


It’s something everyone dreads, but which is experienced all too often.

Ghosting is defined as the cessation of all communication suddenly and without explanation.

For most, it is devastating and downright rude.

So what should you do if it happens to you?

Here are my thoughts...

Why It Is Done

First, it is important to understand the psychology behind ghosting.

The action of ghosting is definitely not new, but the methods and the ease with which people can get away with it is.

Because we are so reliant on our technology for dating and relationship building it’s often difficult to gauge how someone really feels.

After all, text doesn’t generally express tone.

Often times, people use impersonal technological methods to figure out how they feel about an individual. Equally common is the person realizing they are no longer interested after a brief period.

In an effort to avoid their own emotional discomfort, they simply break away without the courtesy of letting you know.

The worst part is, most people have done it at some point, creating a culture where it is taboo and somehow acceptable all at once.

But Ghosting is not acceptable and those who regularly do it probably aren’t ready to be in a relationship.

What You Should Do