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4 Things Women Should Never Say To A Man

Men are typically the ones notorious for saying "stupid things" but my articles are mostly geared towards women at the moment so ladies get ready to learn what words should never leave your mouth if you want to get and keep a man forever.

Without further ado, either watch this video on this topic or read below:

1. "Nothing is wrong, I am fine." - Men are not mind readers. Tell us what is wrong, if we care about you, we will try to fix it or at least show you compassion and give you support.

2. "Stop, just let me do it!" - First, this sounds like something a mother would say. We know you don't want to be his mom. Second, the male ego is very fragile, if you elude to him not being capable well he will not feel very good on the inside.

3. "I hate when you do that, my EX would never do that." - In order to make a man feel like he is greatest and only man on the planet for you, you need to NEVER compare him to other men. As far and you and him are concerned, he is the only man on the planet in regards of a romantic relationship.

4. "Size Matters" - We just talked about this! Men have fragile egos, especially fragile on something he can't control. It is not like he can eat 2 lbs of Holland Eggplants every week and after 4 months it grows an inch. Not going to happen. But what may happen, is your man shrinks inside himself by learning he may not be large enough to make you fully happy.