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7 Biggest Turn Ons For Guys

I am sure you have heard men and women joke that a key to a man's heart is 1. through his stomach 2. through a good blow job or 3. well actually I think number 1 and 2 covered it. Well quite frankly, those two things are a pretty good start. However, in this article we need to dive deeper into the more intricate nuances of truly turning a guy on and keeping him turned on for a lifetime because who wants to get him for a fling when you can keep him interested forever.

In order to highlight these points I made a video for you. Check it out here:

No time for a video, No problem. Here are the 7 Biggest Turn Ons For Guys

1. Tell Your Man he is Hot - You want affirmation that you still go it, well so does he. Fortunately, he probably only needs it about once every two weeks. Even once a month may do.

2. Variety In Sex Life - Role Play - No one wants a stale sex life. Maybe you close all the blinds and decide to clean the house in sexy lingerie, or maybe you decided to role play your favorite sex scene from a movie. Either way, I bet you can't keep your hands off each other to either finish cleaning or finish the entire scene of the movie. Challenge accepted?

3. Playful Biting -

Kissing can be hard, soft, fast, slow, but a good kiss is never predictable and constantly changing. A man wants a little mystery and playfulness when he kisses you. Perhaps a gentle bite of his lower lip and then a pause an inch from a lip with your eyes staring into his soul. Watch what happens when you try this!