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7 Biggest Turn Ons For Guys

I am sure you have heard men and women joke that a key to a man's heart is 1. through his stomach 2. through a good blow job or 3. well actually I think number 1 and 2 covered it. Well quite frankly, those two things are a pretty good start. However, in this article we need to dive deeper into the more intricate nuances of truly turning a guy on and keeping him turned on for a lifetime because who wants to get him for a fling when you can keep him interested forever.

In order to highlight these points I made a video for you. Check it out here:

No time for a video, No problem. Here are the 7 Biggest Turn Ons For Guys

1. Tell Your Man he is Hot - You want affirmation that you still go it, well so does he. Fortunately, he probably only needs it about once every two weeks. Even once a month may do.

2. Variety In Sex Life - Role Play - No one wants a stale sex life. Maybe you close all the blinds and decide to clean the house in sexy lingerie, or maybe you decided to role play your favorite sex scene from a movie. Either way, I bet you can't keep your hands off each other to either finish cleaning or finish the entire scene of the movie. Challenge accepted?

3. Playful Biting -

Kissing can be hard, soft, fast, slow, but a good kiss is never predictable and constantly changing. A man wants a little mystery and playfulness when he kisses you. Perhaps a gentle bite of his lower lip and then a pause an inch from a lip with your eyes staring into his soul. Watch what happens when you try this!

4. Striptease - Strip clubs are very successful. He will never need to go to one again if you give him a private special show for his eyes only. Maybe even take him to the "champagne room" where he can touch whatever he wants. Watch out!

5. Make Noises During Sex - Men are very self conscious of their sexual performance. Now, we will hate if you are faking it. But we will love it if you moan when we do things right. Make noises to positively reinforce when we touch the right spot the right way. Use noises to 1. teach us what you like and 2. increase the fun and excitement of the experience.

6. Ask For What You Want - Whether you need more dates, attention, better communication, or simply for him to pull your hair during sex, MEN ARE NOT MIND READERS. Ask and you shall receive assuming he cares about you. If he doesn't care about you, well... that is a problem.

7. Talk Dirty - Keep it simple at first. "Oh that feels so good. I love when you are doing x." Figure out what he likes and of course you feel comfortable saying and then move onto bigger and better statements as needed.

There you have it folks. How to turn your man on and keep your sex life sexy. Have fun out there, and make sure to communicate with your partner so you learn and teach what YOU specifically want both in your relationship and in the bedroom.

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