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How To Get A Date With The Best Guys Available Online

This is not going to be a surprise but good looking, successful, 30-55 year old men looking for commitment are hard to find. However, if you do find them, they are being sought after by every other single woman in New Jersey and NYC. How are you going to stand out and actually get a date?

This article could be 20 pages and still not cover everything. But since we are all busy I am going to make this under a page and give you the single most important piece of advice I can give you.

Successful men, exactly like successful women work a lot and VALUE their free time.

How does this effect online dating?

Simple, if you make the guy who works all the time go through hoop after hoop to get you on a date, he is 100% going to move onto the next girl.

What is a hoop?

1. Lots of messaging back and forth

2. Asking for him to email you

3. Requesting a phone call

Get to an in person date as soon as possible. If you go on a first date and he likes you. Soon he will be emailing, calling, and messaging you plenty. However, DO NOT make him invest the time without getting him on the hook first.

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