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How To Determine Who the Perfect Person For You Is

I remember when I was single and in my mid twenties I would stay up at night and attempt to figure out what qualities I would need for a lifelong partner. I remember coming up with a decent game plan, and then going onto okcupid and searching vigorously for the girl. I would go on some dates and eventually find a girl worth pursuing. After a few dates or sometimes months I would realize that the girl was not right for me.

Looking back, there was a few things that were apparent.

1. I didn't totally know what I needed in a partner

2. I consistently and constantly would change my game plan on what qualities I needed in a woman

3. My list of must haves were things I wanted NOT needed


So what should you do to make sure you focus on the right men and don't waste time?

Build Your Perfect Man List:

1. List every quality and characteristic you want in a man

2. Rank Your Top 5

Moving forward, if a man has your top 5, keeping dating him. If he doesn't, dump him immediately. One caveat, if you are dating a guy and he makes you realize you need X, add X to the list and remove one of your other qualities.

Why is this list SO IMPORTANT?

Online dating has given all of us the ability to go on countless dates. I know when I processed each date I would determine if a 2nd date was happening purely on chemistry. That method does NOT work. Chemistry does not equate to a lifetime partnership.

So I beg of you, build this list, stop making willy-nilly dating decision, and treat finding love seriously. If finding a soul mate is important, only date people that have potential to obtain that elite status. So congatulations! You just made dating at least 10X more efficient. Go You!

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