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5 Things To Do in NYC Before Getting Back Into a Serious Relationship

Relationships are hard work. It is molding two lives into one amazing life together. Being single and not dating can be fun and refreshing because the only accountability you have is to yourself. Thus, if you are single and debating whether or not to get back into the serious dating world.

Maybe you should do the following 5 things first:

1. Helicopter Tour of Landmarks - One of the best skylines in the world, this is a no brainer.

2. Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) - This place is huge. If you are anything like me, not a huge walker and short attention span, you will be able to come here about 8 times to finally have seen the whole place.

3. Escape the Room - Tired of EVERY night time activity revolving around drinking? Me too! This awesome activity puts you into a room and forces you to discover clues in order to hopefully escape the room. Ton of fun, quite challenging, and truly makes you think.

4. Top of the Empire State Building - I have lived in the greater NYC area for almost all of my life. I know this is a tourist trap but the view is absolutely breathtaking and if you have not done it, you must.

5. Broadway Show - I am not going to assume one show fits all. Do some research and figure out which show makes sense for you.

You live in the best city in the world. Enjoy it!

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