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Love Letter to My Girlfriend

I have a confession. I wrote a love letter to my girlfriend last night. Why did I write it? Simple. I had just spent the most amazing weekend with her. We rode our bikes over the Brooklyn Bridge, had lunch at Roberta's in Bushwhick, played mini-golf at Pier 25, and finally saw "The Martian" in 3D. We had a blast, and throughout the process I got to know her a lot better. The dates even made me care more about her.

Now, why am I telling you this? Also, simple.

1. It is possible to find a partner (Trust me, if my selfish, dumb butt could do it, SO CAN YOU!)

2. If you have a partner, maybe things are getting a bit predictable...If so, Plan A DATE FOR YOUR PARTNER, Next, write your partner a love letter.

Why are you doing this?

1. Planning a date takes effort. Effort shows you care.

2. A Love letter forces you to look inside yourself, figure out why you care about your partner, and the words on a written page is a proclamation and documentation of your affection (Your partner will love this) It doesn't matter if you are a terrible writer, he/she will be crazy about it. (Shoot, I am a horrible writer and for some reason thousands of people read my blog) The partner that ADORES YOU, will appreciate any attempt at a love letter.

3. The Love Letter also takes effort. Once again, effort still shows to your partner that you care. Caring for your partner is good! :)

Now, I know this wasn't one of my most profound articles. However, sometimes I think we all need a little hope. I am hoping that this article makes you realize that if this horrible writer, reality TV show loving guy can find someone so can you!

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Looking forward to hearing from you!

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